My Story


I believe that life isn’t about avoiding risks; it’s about making calculations & going all in with the things you love. My story is a simple one, but for me, it changed the way I viewed life and led to me finding my true passion, art.


I am a trained web designer and spent 5 years working in high-tech in Israel. I loved designing but knew early on that the day-to-day grind that comes with the high-tech industry wasn't for me. I made the brave decision to take a one-year hiatus and moved to India for a year. I found myself in a remote village in West Bengal studying painting and meeting the most incredible human beings.


I was in love. Using my design background and new found skills, I could finally turn my passion into art. I wanted to create useful products that we use daily whilst connecting them to inspiring works of art.


One day I painted Frida Kahlo. Looking at the final result I thought that this would look amazing on a tailored bag. It wasn’t long and I found a willing tailor and my first bag was born.


I returned home to Israel and spent the next two years honing my skills as a painter and focusing on my art. The one thing that was constant was the endless compliments my one-of-a-kind Frida Kahlo bag received. Everyone wanted one too!


Combining my art with high-quality fabric and an end product people could use every day, beautiful bags that are works of art; led to the birth of Megalayah. The meaning in Bengali is the “abode of clouds” and in Hebrew, “Discovering God”. Perfectly fitting for my journey until this point.


Considering, my passion started in India, it was only fitting to produce the bags there. Made from the highest quality fabrics, my hand-drawn and painted artwork, you get a bit of my story and hopefully a taste of the legacy of the face on the bag to enjoy for years to come.


Made with love.

Efrat Gabriela Attias.


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